New Year's Resolution 2018

This year is the year I will become a professional artist. My style will be computer-generated and generative, and my tools will be Javascript, Gcode, and an XY plotter. I will consider the resolution kept if I sell at least one piece of art to a stranger.

During the year, I will also equip my plotter with a tattoo needle and create and get my first tattoo. It will probably be something minimalistic and practical like a ruler.

Last but not least, I want to broaden my knowledge of programming languages. I plan to dabble in a new programming language every month. Currently, the list is Ocaml/Reason, Rust, Python, Ruby, C, Go, R, Clojure, Wasm, Haskell, Kotlin, and C#.

Programming Languages

[X] Ocaml
[X] Reason
[X] Rust
[X] Kotlin
[X] R
[X] F#
[X] Matlab
[X] C#
[X] Typescript
[ ]
[ ]
[ ]


[X] Professional Artist*
[ ] Tattoo

*) Exhibided generative art at the inaugural Plotter People meetup.